Bovec and the Soča valley in the heart of the Julian Alps are suitable for all types of activities. In the hotel Alp Bovec you can choose from a wide variety of summer activities that offer you active holidays. Everything from water sports in the Soča River to long walks around Bovec, or cycling to Kanin.

Water activities

Rafting on the Soča river

Those who want to experience the beauty of the Soča River’s emerald waters together with friends and in the company of a qualified guide should try rafting, a trip in a rubber boat for a number of people, which offers attractive experiences and a touch of the river’s nature. Participants don’t need any prior paddling skills; they soon get accustomed to the mission of a well coordinated paddling team, which rushes across rapids and dark-green pools, passes huge boulders and joyfully and proudly shouts at the finish in Trnovo ob Soči. The memorable adventure is followed by a “mandatory” bath in one of the Soča’s pools.


The Soča and Koritnica rivers offer a variety of experiences and therefore are both quite suitable for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. In the Bovec area, where kayaking is possible for beginners, the level of difficulty of both rivers is Class II, while the Trnovo area is ranked Class V and offers a paradise for more experienced river runners. With the help of a skilled guide, even those who are not used to the river can master the skill of handling a kayak appropriately within a couple of hour.


Canyoning is yet another way of experiencing nature in an extreme way: a tour through an untouched chasm offering no view to the outside world; across waterfalls and through pools that fascinate with their crystal-clear water; swimming in limestone baths; and mostly just enjoying the peacefulness offered already at the entrance to this hidden world.


Hydrospeed is ideal for those who enjoy direct contact with water. Dressed in a thick neoprene suit that protects against the coldness of the river and equipped with swim fins, one gets up speed and is able to manoeuvre, while the river bob helps in overcoming the rapids and pools. Especially recommended for those who are of the opinion that rafting and kayaking are not adventurous enough.

Airborne activities


Zip-lining is an adrenaline-soaked descent on a steel rope between two points, which are quite distant. The guide attaches you with a safety belt to the pulley and you are already flying like a bird to a remote post. You can choose between 2 zip line parks in Bovec:

Zipline – Kanin

Zip-line park above Bovec gives you about 2.4 kilometers long adrenaline-soaked adventure, where you are flying up to 200 meters above ground level. Great views open to the valley of Upper Soča Valley open to you all the time. While flying, you will reach up to 60 km / h. The descent ends 300 m lower, slightly above the B station of Kanin cableway.

Zipline – Učja

Eight steel ropes of various lengths, stretched across the canyon of the Učja valley, offer you the view of untouched nature and its surroundings from bird’s perspective.

Ground activities


Hiking trails offer unlimited pleasure at the sight of streams, waterfalls, quiet alpine forest and numerous flowers and animals living here, according to many the most beautiful part of the Julian Alps. Marked routes of different difficulty delight the most demanding mountaineers, climbers, as well as visitors who want mainly walks and sights are easily accessible natural wonders and cultural attractions. Most popular thematic channels are:

The Soča Trail:

The Soča Trail is a park path following the Soča river from its source to Bovec. It connects peaceful, mysterious parts of the Soča river and the Trenta valley. Particularly interesting are the picturesque hanging bridges. Walking along the Soča Trail and visiting the Trenta Information Center, you will find a thrilling experience of the Triglav National Park. The trail runs along an unpretentious terrain and is 25 km long. You can adjust the direction and length of the walked path according to your time and purpose.

Alpe Adria Trail:

Alpe Adria Trail links three regions to a total of 43 stages: Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The long hiking trail leads from the foothills of the highest peak of Austria, Grossglockner, through the most beautiful mountain and lake regions of Carinthia, and without great bends comes close to the intersection of three countries, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and further down to the Adriatic coast and Trieste. Alpe Adria Trail leads visitors to Bovec from Kranjska Gora through Vršič and continue through Trenta valley to Bovec and past Log Čezsoški to Drežnica. The greater part of the route coincides with the Soča Trail.

The Walk of Peace:

The Walk of Peace follows the footsteps of the Isonzo Front, and can be taken by foot, on a bike and lateral asphalt roads. It is about 320 kilometers long, suitable for hikers and bikers, and some interesting points are also accessible by bus. The Walk of Peace goes from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea and offers an active vacation in the beautiful, peaceful and unspoiled nature of the high mountains and highlands of Upper Soča, along the Soča River, through the ravines and hills of the Goriška region and the wine-growing areas of Brda and Karst all the way to the Adriatic Sea.


The biking trails of various difficulty levels are spread along the most beautiful corners of the Julian Alps. Road biking, mountain biking and biking trails for families leading to Bovec and the Soča Valley attract many riders every year.

Road biking:

Popular road biking trails take place along the numerous natural and cultural sights of the Triglav National Park. Bicycle ride to Mangart and Vršič are well-known to cyclists. The Bovec biking trails of different difficulty levels are awaiting cyclists.

Mountain biking:

Mountain biking is one of the main reasons to go to Bovec and the Soča Valley, as this is one of the most beautiful ways to experience the valley.

Family biking:

Especially fun is cycling, surrounded by sightseeing attractions, and the paths are designed so that you still have some energy to get to explore the attractions. The medium-difficult biking trails in Bovec are taking place along macadam and narrow asphalt roads, which are also suitable for family excursions.


The Soča River and its tributaries are a paradise for fly fishing, which is the only authorized way of fishing in Bovec. Fly fishermen are enthusiastic about the famous marble trout, grayling and rainbow trout.


Caving and hiking in Bovec and Trenta valley, to Mangart and the surrounding mountains is something for everyone that wants to take a break from everyday life and enjoy the pristine nature that Bovec and its surroundings offer.

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