Zip line


Zip-lining is an adrenaline-soaked descent on a steel rope between two points, which are quite distant. The guide attaches you with a safety belt to the pulley and you are already flying like a bird to a remote post.

Steel ropes have a long tradition in the Soča valley. In the middle of the last century the locals installed steel ropes in the area of Učja. They were used by local farmers for the harvesting of wood and hay and by hunters to carry equipment. Some are still in use today.

Zipline is an invention of biologists who decided 30 years ago to explore the ecosystem of the tropical rainforest, to observe and catalogue the animals and plants that prevail there. They sought different approaches to access deeper parts of the forest and ways to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. Zip lining has emerged and today presents one of the most popular ways of entertainment around the world.

Zip line – Učja

Bovec zipline Učja Eco Adventures

Between the slopes of Kanin and Stol there is an inaccessible valley of Učja. Through the valley flows the river Učja, which originates on the saddle Carnizza in Italy and flows along the picturesque valley to the east of Slovenia to the village Žaga, where it flows into the Soča River. In Slovenia Učja cut a narrow and difficult access to the riverbed and laid out many inaccessible pools. Steel cables of different lengths that are tensed across the Učja canyon, will open the view of this untouched nature and its surroundings through the bird’s eye view. And not just that. There are more than two hours of fun for all generations.


You drive to the starting point, which is 9 km from Bovec. When you arrive at the starting point, the guides will explain the basics, then you will be tested in a test run in our training polygon on a 20 m long cylinder.

Now you’re ready for zipline. There are five steel cables of different lengths (from 250-400m), which at a height of 100-150 meters above the Učja river offer, beside the adrenaline downhill, a wonderful view towards the canyon of the valley Učja, the Globoški potok stream, the slopes of Krn with the Kobarid valley, the Soča valley, the Bovec basins and our highest mountain – Triglav. And not just that. Experienced guides who accompany you during the whole trip will also teach you about protected animal and plant species in the Učja valley and its history. The Učja valley is a protected area and belongs to the Natura 2000 framework.


Departures: every day of the week: 10:00, 13:30, 17:00.


Zip line – Kanin

In June 2012, Slovenia got one of the largest Zip line parks in Europe with an unusual panoramic view over the entire Upper Soča Valley. You can see the peaks of the Julian Alps, the riverbeds of the Soča and Koritnica river, the town of Bovec, Čezsočo and so on. Adrenalin descents and wonderful views will take your breath away. Zip-line park is located in the mountain valley Krnica in the Kanin mountain range, right below the highest Slovenian ski resort Kanin.


The adventure already begins in Bovec, where you board the 4×4 vehicle of accompanying guides. An exciting 10 kilometer long ride to the first Zip-line is awaiting you. When you arrive at the starting point, guides will explain the basics, you will be attached to a steel rope with a special belt and you will be ready for the flight. Zip-line park above Bovec gives you about 2.4 kilometers long adrenaline-soaked adventure, where you are flying up to 200 meters above ground level. Great views open to the valley of Upper Soča Valley open to you all the time. While flying, you will reach up to 60 km / h. Experience is indescribable; you must not miss it!


The whole adventure lasts approx. 3 hours and you do not need anything other than goodwill and sports – hiking shoes.

Zip Line operates daily at 9, 10, 14, 15 and 18 hours (depending on the time and number of registered ones)


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