Alpine wellness center

The Alpine Wellness Centre is the place where you can heal your body and soul.

Treat yourself to a unique experience in one of our saunas. We offer Turkish-hamam, classic Finnish sauna and infrared sauna.

Hamam is a Turkish or Oriental bath. In the Alpine wellness center, we only took the hamam’s sauna type; the Turkish sauna, which does not only purify the body with steam and herbs, but is also a real treat for the soul.

Relaxation is considered an important factor in well thought-out concepts of treatment. That is why the mild infrared sauna intensively irradiates and heats the body. It is recommended for those who can not tolerate high temperatures. The same way the radiation is also used in physiotherapy, due to the beneficial effect on muscle relaxation.
Finnish sauna is a wooden cabin with benches for sitting or lying. The sauna is heated with an electric oven with volcanic stones. We heat it with a high temperature between 70 and 110 degrees Celsius and low air humidity between 20 and 25%.
The effects of a massage are not only beneficial for our well-being and physical health, but they are also reflected in our mental balance. With massage we reduce stress, relieve pain and help with emotional stability. In the Alpine wellness we offer a special mountain massage for 30 minutes or relaxing Alpine massage 50 min.

Call for a reservation. Tel.: +386 5 38 84 000 Email: info@hotel-alp-bovec.com